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Canada is one of the world’s most attractive destination markets for companies looking to expand internationally. It boasts an affluent consumer base, highly educated workforce, stable political environment and trade agreements with the U.S. and the EU. It also has more than its share of tech hubs, including not only Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, but the emerging markets of Halifax, Calgary and Quebec City. Perhaps most impressive, Canada is ranked third globally for starting a business, according to the World Bank’s most recent data.


Global M&A volume reached over $3 trillion in 2018, approaching 2015’s record totals. Given diminishing public markets and other factors, the enormous popularity of M&A deals is likely to continue. The relatively high failure rate of M&A deals is well-known, however, and private equity firms and companies alike must properly vet each deal to grasp its risks and opportunities. Unfortunately, many small to medium-sized organizations simply don’t have the resources to conduct due diligence. This can be particularly worrisome in the complex area of cross-border M&A taxation.